New Book Review: “The Rebel And The Rabbi’s Son”

Thanks to all of you the book is quite popular….I appreciate all the support and feedback.

Book Review: “The Rebel And The Rabbi’s Son”  by Izzy Eichenstein

The Rebel and the Rabbi’s Son is a fascinating look into a world–both physical and psychological–many people, including many Jews, are unaware. It was so refreshing to read such a personal, open and honest account of growing up in the orthodox community yet pulled by the wider world or a sense simultaneous detachment from and love for one’s origins. Indeed this has a been a major theme in Jewish-related literature, but I have not read an account so personal, almost therapeutic. Izzy’s struggles are ongoing–yet that in no way diminishes the insight he sheds on them. Additionally, the book is peppered with terrific anecdotes about Bob Dylan, Los Angeles in the 1970s and 80s, and hippiedom in Israel. This was a meaningful read, which, at the very least, offers a small but poignant bit of insight into what it means to be Jewish–a question Jews have been grappling with for millennia, and the asking of which, perhaps, therein lies the answer.


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