The Benefits Of LinkedIn and Facebook for CRE

I have been outspoken against the view that Facebook is a complete waste of time for the commercial real estate professional. This isn’t just because I personally like to use Facebook, but because I have had success ($) with the medium.

I have also attempted to make it perfectly clear that I believe LinkedIn is incredibly important for CRE professionals. I wouldn’t want to be forced to choose to utilize just one social network as I think a multi-channel platform is important. Your niche or target audience doesn’t necessarily use all of the major social networking sites or one just exclusively.

There are some common benefits to all social media channels, but I like to broadly contrast the key benefits of the major social networks in this manner:

  • Blog & LinkedIn = Credibility
  • Twitter = Visibility & Reach
  • Facebook = Engagement & Personal Connection

Each site has its own benefits, but dismissing Facebook as worthless for commercial real estate in my opinion is just completely off target, if you utilize the medium effectively. I am not saying you should use Facebook for business if you don’t feel comfortable with it, but dismissing it on the basis that it can’t possibly have any value is just not an accurate perception.

LinkedIn without question is the default social network for business professionals, but Facebook has its advantages. Unbounce and Bop Design created this infographic comparing the strengths of Facebook and LinkedIn.


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