10 Things We Can Learn From The NCAA Tournament

credit to Frank Haney

1.  Work Today, Win Tomorrow.  Winning is in the details.  Do you always win a business deal because of a great presentation?  Heck no!  You win because of all the hard work and attention to detail in the days, weeks, months prior to the big presentation (big game).  Do you consistently out-prepare your competition?

2.  In business, there are no brackets to fill-out; however, there are a hell of a lot of people predicting you will fail.  Are you going to listen to them?

3.  Four rules of a functional team: “Shine your stars, work your horses, fix your problems, get rid of deadwood.”

4.  Teamwork still matters – Recruiting talent still matters as well.

5.  Experience matters.  You see countless examples of mid-major teams beating high major teams.  In many cases, the mid-major teams have a core group of experienced players competing against high-profile underclassmen at high-major schools.

6.  Duke’s Coach K on his team’s loss yesterday:  “Basketball can take you to incredible highs and incredible lows.”  ….  So can business.  So can life.

7.  Great players and great teams have mastered the art of the comeback.  The best business leaders I have met have a great comeback story in their past.  The best sales professionals I know, demonstrate this quality as well.

8.  You can also tell a lot about a team by how they play with the lead.  Do they keep strategically attacking or do they get overly conservative and lose their edge.  Do you play to win or not to lose?  Be honest.  In hoops, you are either building on your lead or losing it.  In business, you are either growing market share or losing it.

9.  Social Media: Yesterday, #15 Lehigh beats #2 Duke.  Within minutes the Lehigh website crashes and they are trending on Twitter.

– Whether the questions is, ”Who is Lehigh” or “Who is Jerry’s HVAC Service” – when people want to learn more about you, they will turn to Google, LinkedIn, Your Website, Facebook, Manta, etc.  What do these platforms say about you and your business?

10.  Just like in the game of basketball, opportunities present themselves at odd times and in weird places in business….  For example, you are reading a blog post on the 10 Things Business Can Learn From The NCAA Tournament…  and here I am with a unique opportunity to tell you that I help businesses and families with their insurance.  When the time is right, I would love to review your insurance and see if we can improve your situation.

Questions? Call me at (815) 979-9121.

Frank Haney

Relationship-focused insurance agent dedicated to protecting your business and family.

Agency: Williams-Manny, Inc. – located in Rockford, Illinois.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only.  There is no legal advice being suggested or offered.  The author assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions take or not taken by the readers based upon the above-mention information.


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