Don’t Avoid The No: Motivated Door Knocker has 88% Conversion Rate

Credit to Marty Boardman & Bigger Pockets Investment

No.  No thank you.  No can do.  No means no.  No go. No way Jose.

As adults we’ll do almost anything to avoid having someone tell us no.  But children, they have absolutely no fear of rejection.  That is, until their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers and babysitters unmercifully beat them down with a never ending chorus of no, no, no, no, no.

According to a UCLA study, the average toddler hears NO up to 400 times a day.  It should come as no surprise that by the time a child becomes a teenager they’ve built up a healthy aversion to the word.

Just imagine what you could do if no wasn’t so difficult to hear.  What if you and I were a little more like my 8 year-old daughter Allyson?

Last month, with an order form in one hand and pen in the other, she eagerly left our home with one goal in mind – to sell as many Girl Scout cookies as possible.  Allyson knocked on every door in our neighborhood.  She was confident in her delivery and prepared for any objection, the most common being “I don’t have any money right now.”  She politely informed the prospect that they didn’t have to pay until the cookies were delivered.

The end result was an 88% conversion rate.  Of the 25 people who answered their door that day, only three said no.  All 22 buyers purchased at least two boxes of cookies, or more, and one sugar-deprived woman proudly ordered 20 boxes for herself.

Of course, it helped that Allyson had a desirable treat to sell.  And her passion for the product was clearly evident to the customer.  Mix these things together with her no fear of rejection attitude and it’s surprising her conversion rate wasn’t higher.

So, do you have the following?

  1. A desirable real estate related product or service to offer your customer?
  2. A passion for that product or service?
  3. The ability to shake off a steady diet of no, no, no, no, no?

My hunch is that if your real estate investment business is struggling it’s because you answered no to at least one of these questions.  A lousy product, lack of passion and fear of rejection is a recipe for failure. It’s much easier to sell something you believe in.  The word no doesn’t sting as bad either.

Now, Allyson would like to know – who out there would like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?



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5 responses to “Don’t Avoid The No: Motivated Door Knocker has 88% Conversion Rate

  1. nice stuff with lots of information of real estate.

  2. Tell me how to convey this to real estate agents that are frustrated and depressed and then you have something

  3. I’ve been tempted to do some door knocking when I’m at a client’s home and see neighbors who clearly need some work on their house. I have not done it but I think I will give it a shot. The worst they can say is no right?

  4. Jeff

    Take this for what its worth to you. I am 50yrs old and at the age of 23yrs old i had already had enough of being laid off and jobs being done and no work afterwards that i decided to start my own construction&remodeling business needless to say not many people have much confidence in a young man starting his own carpentry business especially back then, i did it anyway and one more problem i was flat broke, no credit and not one person willing to help me.

    I was like a politician i guess looking back it was pretty stupid but i took the ten dollars i had actually nine dollars and change talked a local printer into printing some cards for me and owing him. i took the business cards and started door to door introducing myself and asking them if i could leave a card and i would do pretty much anything around their house or office they needed done no dice for two weeks but so stubborn i didn’t stop then one day my mother sent me the grocery store for her when i got back to my car there was a flyer on my windshield i had never seen a flyer before it hit me take the flyer and go back to the printer and beg him for more credit he wouldn’t give it to me so copy cat jeff started hand writing the flyers and putting them on doors and wouldn’t you know i got to paint a kitchen. when i finished i took my measely couple of hundred dollars had the printer make my flyer made but i had him make it 1/4 sheet size so i could get 4 flyers on one piece of paper wouldn’t you know it worked like a charm people hung them on their fridg with a magnet and started calling me. I didn’t get great work but worked all day everyday. That was the birth of my self employment the rest is history take in the no no no so you can get to the yes yes yes

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