Thinking Of Giving Up ?…. This Is The Season Of Hope

These are times of serious economic uncertainty and at different times in life many people feel the urge to give up-whether it be your job, a relationship, exercise routine, diet, or learning something. At those times it is easy to find a multitude of reasons why quitting would be so easy, and we tell ourselves this so we can justify quitting.  If we quit our job or just stopped working so hard, we could take the day off, see a movie, go to the beach, read a book. If we skipped the gym we could sleep in, go out to breakfast. In tough times it i even easier to give up. But if you stay the course, trudge onward, persevere, you will find that you will not only learn much, but feel a lot happier. Here is what you will gain by staying the course.

1. Strength and Confidence:  The easy way out is just that: if you stay the course you will actually become stronger and gain self confidence. Anyone can quit, but it takes someone special to stick it out and find a way to make it not only tolerable, but enjoyable or beneficial to you.

2. Knowledge: Those who don’t run away from things that are tough or scary or plain frustrating actually come away with a great deal of knowledge. It can be knowledge of self, of others, of an industry or skill. Often those who stick around and find ways to make it work are the ones who will rise to the top. If you dream of having your own business and you are working for someone, use the skills you learn for your future business. If you stick to your diet you will gain the knowledge of how it feels to be free from lethargy or illness. Knowledge is always power, in any situation.

3. Happiness:  Those who quit tend to feel down, unhappy. Even down the road you will always know that you quit, and that tends to make people feel bad about themselves (sure there are definitely some situations where quitting is necessary, or even the better choice).  Those who stay the course and become stronger, more comfortable with themselves and their decision making processes, tend to be happier people. I have a friend who owns her own business.  A while back she was completely unhappy with the way things were going. Her partner was making demands and money was tight, product was not getting to customers quickly enough. She was ready to throw in the towel and start all over in a new business. I asked her why she didn’t instead try to make some changes that would make her happier, stay with it. After all, she had built up the brand and had a reputation in her industry. She ended up making a new business plan and writing down what she wanted in both the short and long term. Good things are happening now and other big companies are considering buying her out or taking over, keeping her on as a salaried consultant. She is happy.

So when you are feeling down and thinking about giving up is easier, do this: take some time away from whatever it is that is making you unhappy-take a day off, or even a few hours from work, go somewhere alone to figure it out. Find a time just to be. Then come back and make a list of your expectations, your dreams, and your goals. Go with our dreams! Stay On your path….Believe it You have the Greatness within you! Happy Holidays!!  ( Credit to Rachel)


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