Getting To Success Through Failure

Dare to fail and fail harder because true success does not come by easily. It often requires a lot of hard work, trials and errors before succeeding.

A true success means the ability to overcome and get something under control. And most likely without much guidance, we are likely to fail before we finally learn how to succeed. That speaks for the need to get up and try again and again after each fall.

So failing is in fact an essential part for every success. If you complain about not being successful ever since the day you were born, think again. Success does not mean prosperity or winning World beauty pageant, it meant only the ability to live each day without giving up. So here are reasons why we should get accustomed to failing.


Without failing, we thought we had already learned all there is to know when the truth is that the world is so full of wonders. There are so many things that our little brains wont ever get a chance to meet or challenge. So, if you have never failed or thought you never did, bad news for you. Probably, you had too much of yourself or am still living in a nutshell. Your challenges must have not been realistic enough to let you taste failure. In fact, failures in life should be welcomed with an open and positive mind. It is the only way to learn, grow and identify imperfections or mistakes we do so we can eventually correct them to make us better. If we live life ignoring where we have failed, it is the same as living with little problems that may grow and accumulate before disaster strikes. It is also the same as living with disadvantages over time and again which they will show bad on you someday. You grow and your mistakes grow with you bigger and harder to remove each time if you did not care to remove them when you had to. So to truly succeed, we have to learn from our own as well as other peoples failures/mistakes.


Life in itself is the biggest project that we are working for ourselves everyday. To succeed and make a difference in life, we test ourselves against the world.  For example, people open up businesses to make money and kept trying until they finally succeed. What matters most is not to throw everything out upon failing but to gain critical insights and experience from the failure and keep trying. You will have to compare yourself against what others were doing correctly and see where you stand in relation to others. This way, you can calculate the efforts needed to walk along the journey towards succeeding.


Failures may lead us through the light. We find better means and more suitable pathways when we finally get to understand more and deeper by experience. Studies have shown that a lot of people whom actually failed, have gone through major shifts which made them successful in return. When we fail at one, we may succeed at two because we find two more enjoyable and like-able than one. But the truth is, without one, we will never get to two or three or four.


Be rest assured that if you fail today, you will not be the only one. So go out, find people and talk to them. Soon, you will be amazed to know just how many people have gone through almost the same thing. And surprisingly, we may earn some new friends or even get to join a new community on similar interests all targeting towards the same goals. And these could prove crucial steps towards success. At other times, when family members fail (which is quite normal), it may present yet a good opportunity to bond deeper.

Failures should be Accepted for Analysis and Correction, Not Sworn for Exclusion and Remorse. (credit, k, chai)


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