He is…..The Most Interesting Man In Real Estate

  • You’ve heard his ads on the radio or seen him on TV, he’s Dos Equis’ most interesting man in the world. Their campaign is brilliant and their sales are through the roof. Recently,  I came across real estate version of…he is the most interesting man in Real Estate. I thought it was very funny… maybe you will too…
  • He once delayed a contract negotiation just to see what it felt like to have a listing on the market for more than a day.
  • The food at his open houses doesn’t come from a title company or lender. It comes from Le Cordon Bleu.
  • In his spare time, he coded his own IDX solution.
  • The best views in his neighborhood are the ones overlooking his house.
  • His clients don’t need pre-qual letters. He just attaches a note that reads, “They’re good for it. Trust me.” and signs it.
  • You could buy a ticket to witness his listing presentation, if they weren’t sold out all the time.
  • His real estate license has reciprocity with the entire galaxy, just in case.
  • His MLS still prints one copy of the MLS book so they can send it to him, for nostalgia.
  • Don’t worry about inviting him to your Memorial Day party. If it’s good enough, he’ll know about it.
  • He has a signed listing agreement for the International Space Station once they stop using it.
  • He was invited to the White House, but declined when he discovered they wouldn’t sign a listing agreement.
  • He never complains about his NAR dues, because NAR pays him for the pleasure of his membership.
  • When he gets a contract on a short sale, the bank calls him for approval.
  • He once negotiated a house down to FREE.
  • Ever have a listing that you thought would NEVER sell, but it sold right away? You can thank him when you see him.
  • If he were to mail a pre-listing packet without any postage, it would still get there
  • All real estate trainers attend his seminars

He is… the most interesting man in real estate (credit, n.schwartz)


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