It’s The One You Feed

There is an old Native American Indian Wisdom story that speaks to the nature of cultivating a positive attitude and how to do it. An old chief sat by the fire with his two young grandsons and told them the following story…

“There is a good wolf and a bad wolf living inside each of us. The good wolf is love, compassion, courage, generosity, fortitude, discipline, laughter, good works and every other worthy virtue that a human being is capable of. The bad wolf is anger, hatred, laziness, jealousy, envy, greed, sloth and every other unworthy vice that a human being is capable of.

In each and every one of us, these two wolves are engaged in a fierce battle.” Sitting on the edge of their seats the two grandsons could hardly contain their anticipation and burst out asking their grandfather chief, “Which wolf gets to win!?”

“The one you feed”, answered the old chief. “The one you feed.”

Good and bad, positive and negative, are always with us. Developing a positive attitude is a conscious discipline that requires deliberate and consistent effort. It isn’t something that happens automatically.

Everything we do either feeds the good wolf or the bad – there is no in-between. Knowing there is no grey zone, we need to take full responsibility for the thoughts and actions that feed the one at the expense of the other.

If we don’t set out to consciously strengthen ourselves, negativity easily takes us over. Developing a positive attitude means simply to, feed the best and starve the rest.


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