Rick Caruso The Developer Who Changed Southern California

“Now isn’t the time to be afraid. It’s time to start looking at how we can turn things around.” Rick Caruso

In the last month I have written about two legendary Builders who created outstanding developments …both have long passed…Trammell Crow and William Zeckendorf,  both of them left legacies that stand the test of time…today I add  a still young , creative visionary developer…based here in Los Angeles…Rick Caruso…who is still building…still developing projects that will have a positive impact for generations.

The situation in Los Angeles today.. calls to mind another urban master builder, Robert Moses, who rebuilt and renewed New York in the tumultuous ’30s and ’40s…Similarly…Rick Caruso  in his own way has been a revitalizing and a recharging force adding elegance and style to Los Angeles and Southern California in dramatic fashion both with his new and creative upscale shopping centers and mixed use developments.

The most famous Caruso shopping Center is ” The Grove” . With its mix of shopping, restaurants, movie theaters, open grassy area, dancing water fountains…it embodies the Caruso vision of having a clean, safe  and family friendly place….more than 20 million people visit the Grove annually…that’s higher attendance then Disneyland.  The whole area adjacent to The Grove was renewed and refreshed increasing real estate values and creating new jobs.

The following is a list of developments that have been completed by Rick Caruso and his Company…Caruso Affiliated Holdings and many more are in the early development phase.

The Americana at Brand

The Commons at Calabasas

Village at Moorpark

The Promenade at Westlake

Burton Place

The Lakes at Thousand Oaks

Waterside Marina del Rey

It is crucial…in today’s negative Real Estate environment to read about successful developers who have the courage to stand tall and create centers and developments that add jobs, create beauty and are positive influences in our cities. How often do we read about the decay of our cities? We will always require upgrades and improvements….no city stands still in time.

All Developers and successful people have their critics…it comes with the territory..that is just a fact…but it is their plan, vision and effort that led to a successful result ….which if you study history.. is how great accomplishments happen.

I will end with this quote from Ralph Lauren that best describes Rick Caruso.

” A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done”

Let us focus on the positives in life today…not ignore the negatives but build on the positives that surround us, and in today’s sea of negativity let’s look to the people  who stand tall while risking to build great things , let them be an inspiration to all of us.

Enjoy The Day!


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