Will We Meet The Challenge?

The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.

Mark Caine quotes

It is clear that Companies such as Amazon, Apple,  and Facebook have prospered during this recession. Yes many hi-tech companies have gone under or have suffered major losses…but ..we have to continue to encourage and create economic incentives that will stimulate an environment that fosters new companies that create and innovate. This is America’s not so secret weapon….our ability to create and innovate.

I ask Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Landlords & Brokers are we doing enough on our end to stimulate the economy..? Should we offer more free rent….should we assist in the purchasing of capital equipment for new start up tenants that would be credited back to us in the last half of the lease….maybe the lease incentives that would be offered up front to new start ups….would automatically generate a ten year lease once new sales projections have been reached….we should keep thinking on how we can proceed in a bold and fresh way that could assist in new tenant growth.

America’s Potential for new technology is just sitting out there ready to be unleashed….As a Landlord and or Broker….Think.. IPod,Tivo or Kindle… they just represent what we can do technologically….there is so much more out there ready to happen…it will usher in jobs, spur growth  which will in turn create fresh capital for our Banks….

Will We Meet The Challenge?

Enjoy The Day!


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