California’s Economic Rebound

The numbers that just came out..are not a mirage….they are a key to our economy,new jobs and consumer spending….California is climbing back. It will take time , but the recovery numbers are solid.

For the third straight month, California’s exports showed improvement over the same period a year earlier, according to an analysis of federal trade data by the University of California Center Sacramento.

The $10.3 billion in goods shipped abroad in January represented a 18.5% increase over the $8.7 billion recorded during the same month last year. The products shipped by land, sea and air included high-end, top-value items such as civilian aircraft engines and parts. They also included low-value bulk, such as scrap metal and paper that will become the raw materials for new goods manufactured in Asia.

During January, California also imported $23 billion in goods from overseas, up 14.6% over year-earlier figure.

California’s top trade partners are, in order, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Taiwan, Britain and the Netherlands.


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  1. Dennis Crum

    Great work! I am impressed with your work.

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